Pornhub campaign competition

My proposal for Pornhub’s Creative Director competition. It was one of the 20 most voted works.

“It will be great” is a campaign based on the (double) pun on word “handsome”.
“Threesome” and “foursome” are two of the most common sex fantasies both for men and women, but it’s also true that sometimes people can just fantasize about threesome and foursome, because they’re single or just because their partners don’t agree.
But they have all they need for it! It’s their own hand and PornHub, of course. And it will be “HANDsome”, even great.

The design is totally SFW: there’s not vulgarity or explicit content and is totally based on typography. Font is “Arial” (official PornhHub font) and there are just two print colors, black and PurnHub yellow: that means cheap print for every format, from the magazine page to the street poster.

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